Step By Step Guide on How to Map

What should I map?


  1. Go to
    Click on the Map Links button
  2. Click on the map link for the Google Maps layer
  3. On the lefthand side of the page click the Edit button to add a point on the map.
  4. In a separate browser window, look up the address of the site you want to map.
  5. Back in the Maps window, type in the address or intersection.
  6. A Google bubble point will appear at that spot once you have selected it.
  7. On the lefthand side of the page click Save to…choosing which map you want to save your point under. In other words, select from the pull down menu which map layer you want to put the site under.
  8. Hit Save button.
  9. Then select My Maps in the blue menu bar.
  10. Choose the layer for the point you just plotted.
  11. Click the Edit button.
  12. Select the point you plotted.
  13. Edit the Title of the point so that it reads as a snappy headline.
  14. Choose a colour for the balloon that corresponds to the colours already on that map.
  15. Add descriptive text [no longer than 2 sentences], links to articles, photos, etc…
  16. Click save.
  17. Click done.
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