How to Help – Get involved today and spread the word

Here are some of the ways you can contribute:

1. Link to the maps

Find a list of maps on our Map Links page.  Our goal is to make these the most popular user-created maps on Google.

The more times people click or link to a map, the higher its rank on Google.  You can help by creating links to map data from your blog or website, and by clicking on map data within Google Maps or by following links from other people’s sites.  Also, make sure to rate each map and comment on them. You can even add the maps as RSS feeds to your feed reader of choice.

But, following Google’s Terms of Service (ToS), don’t click or link to the maps through any automated process (such as having a computer program click the links for you).  Not only will Google detect these attempts and ignore them, Google may also block any site they consider to be in violation of their ToS.

2. Add data to Google Maps

There are a few ways to do this:

a) Email us at, and we will add your data to our Google map.  Give us a title and a short description of the point you want us to add, and tell us a street address, intersection, or approximate location.

b) Create your own Google map: create a Google account and follow Google’s instructions or you can use our Step by Step Guide.  Then, email us a link to your My Map and we will add it to our Map Links page, so others can link to it.

3. Spread the word

We need to get as many people involved as possible. Please spread the word by sending the URL to friends and colleagues.

4. Join our Facebook fan page

Sign up for the London [de]Tour Guide 2012 fan page on Facebook.

5. Set your browser’s homepage to London [de]Tour Guide

Set your browser’s homepage to our site to help increase traffic.  Here’s how:

In Firefox, you can set the homepage by going into Firefox > Preferences > Main
“When Firefox starts: Show my home page”
Home Page:

In Safari, you can set the homepage by going into Safari > Preferences > General
Home page:

6. Twitter it

Tweet about us and follow our tweets on Twitter.

7. Host your own mapping party

To learn how, simply email us at

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