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London [de]Tour Guide 2012 is a collaborative Google map that highlights a variety of noteworthy sites, histories, and narratives compiled by local residents. Visitors are welcome to browse the site as an insiders’ guide to the city. For us, it is vital to complicate the sanitized version of the city the London Organizing Committee is officially promoting worldwide.

Moreover, the guide offers a venue for kaleidoscopic and divergent representations of space, illustrating how space is determined socially through conflict and contestation. As such, we encourage participants to join and add their own points of view, especially when there is disagreement about a particular place or point. Within this project, to simply map a place is not a question of promotion or rejection of a site, but rather a way of showing how spaces are viewed and valued differently.

To add your own point of interest on the map, please go to our Step By Step Guide for information on how to participate. To find other ways to get involved, visit our How to Help page.